Pillars of Salt runs multiple concurrent chronicles that all take place in the same game world.
Camarilla Genre
While interlopers into Los Angeles they have gained a foothold but are beset on all sides: Caythaians, Sabbat and Demons. With all the foes it commonly seems that the inter sect conflict keeps them from thriving. This highly political game is focused on the themes of Betrayal and Ambition (Played Monthly)
You are the prime example of god's hand and Cain's grace. The ritae give you freedom to follow the true path of the vampire father. You are in a holy war to stop the servants of Antediluvians. But in this war so many have turned from the light, you wonder if it's you or they who are truly right? (Played Monthly)
Convention Games
At local conventions to Los Angeles the Pillars of Salt Plot continues, with different locations and even different time lines. From San Diego's conflict with Mexico, to the aftermath of the first Crusade. These events let players experience something unique from their monthly characters. (Played twice a year)
Multiple times though out the year small form (6 Players) games take place in the Pillars of Salt Chronicle. These games give direction and detail to the antagonists of the Camarilla and Sabbat Genre's. Examples include Mages, Caythaians, and Hunters.

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